Full Circle Foundation

The Full Circle Foundation was established in 1998. Full Circle is a small family-based foundation that is dedicated to providing grants primarily to local non-profit agencies (McHenry County, Illinois). The Full Circle Foundation focuses its grants on educational opportunities, environmental and natural resource issues, health organizations, housing & shelter and basic human services. Because of the foundation size, grants are only reviewed one time per year (during the month of January). Grant allocations are made immediately following the reviews.

Foundation History

The Full Circle Foundation was conceived and established in 1998. The name is derived from the fact that "all that is good must come full circle". As our family has been blessed with the opportunity to help those in need, so should this foundation. Full Circle accepts proposals ONLY from agencies requesting and subsequently receiving a coded grant application for funding.



Agencies must be a federally recognized non-profit agency (i.e., 501(c)3 agency as recognized by the IRS)

Agencies must submit a letter requesting a coded application for funding each year

Only application forms provided by the foundation will be considered

Agencies MAY NOT photocopy grant applications for distribution